Monday, October 3, 2011

Sleep-Deprived Rant

I'm absolutely not in my right mind right now. This week I worked 50+ hours, covering for people with broken down cars and families in town visiting, and I doubt I got even 25 hours of sleep in the last 5 days or more. Anyways, I was listening to the radio on my way to work early this morning and I was learning about the Wall Street protesters. The media is calling them the "tea party" from "the left". Whatever. I totally agree with their "unfocused" message despite the labels. I work as a nurse and independent contractor for an agency where I do not get any overtime or any benefits AT ALL. I purchased my health insurance and set up my IRA privately. Why don't I get I new job, you say? I'm smart and capable. I graduated college summa cum laude from the University of Florida, but I want to be in a job where I love the work I do and I love caring for the elderly. I'm in the process of applying to nursing school with the hopes that I can get paid a fair wage and obtain benefits Eventually. Anywho...remember? SLEEP-DEPRIVED!

.........My point: The top 1% controls 43% of the financial wealth in America according to this article. I don't know how accurate these numbers are but what I do know is that in order to save for a house, wedding, and pay my monthly bills I have to work A LOT. Like an unreasonable amount. Like, a lot, lot. Many of you probably consider 50+ hours a week for a hourly rate a normal amount or...even a privilege. Better than no work at all, right?!

My fiance makes more money than me and gets benefits with his job but he works over forty hours a week and travels occasionally for work. This week, for instance, he got a call at the last minute, to book a flight and fly out-of-state all week leaving me with our 2 cats and the 1 stray kitten that we rescued (more on that later) for four days. But  my point is, doesn't anyone else feel like this is insane?!! Like we are working what's left of our asses off for not enough of anything?!

I stopped at ABC liquor on my way home from work today. I've worked 6 days in a row with 90% of those hours for a patient with Alzheimer's and today I was expecting to work 6 hours but worked 8 hours to cover for a coworker. So, I stopped at ABC liquor after depositing a paycheck that I almost forgot I even had, and purchased a bottle of red wine on the way home. After I got home, I was taking a bubble bath, surrounded by candles (that B had kindly arranged for me) because I was too overworked/high-strung to get the sleep that I desperately need, and a lady had stopped at my house to drop off MY WALLET!!!  I SWEAR I put my wallet on the passenger seat of my car as I was leaving the store. I remember seeing it. Well, maybe that was from before when I went to the bank. Anyways, this lady who was an attendant at ABC liquor, who probably makes only 10 bucks an hour, or whatever, at the liquor store, drove my WALLET with all my cards and contents in it to MY HOUSE and drops it off for me! The fiance says, "Thanks so very much!" which is nice, but I would love to give her $20 bucks or more and make her cookies because anyone could have taken that wallet and this lady who busts her ass all week long, just like me, decided she could go out of her way to bring my wallet back to me at my own home while I was drowning in a bubble bath with an over-sized glass of red wine. I'm patriotic because of people like her who do good deeds without expecting any type of reward, but I'm dissatisfied because caregivers of the elderly, store clerks, teachers, anyone else in the bottom 99%, does not get what they deserve.

My girlfriend is married to an Indian man. In the Indian culture, there is a caste system. If your father works in a restaurant, his child works in a restaurant, and so on and so forth for generations; there is no way to move up in the world. In America, you can move up and get that slice of American pie, but at what price? Can you ever get into that top 1% if you aren't born into it? I doubt it. Things need to change in America whether you are liberal, conservative, a member of the tea party, homosexual, a Christian, a Muslim whatever....

We deserve weekends, benefits, care for our elderly, nice houses, healthcare, and time with our families. We shouldn't be hopped up on coffee, working 40+ hours, not taking care of our own health, not sleeping, and act like THAT IS NORMAL. America, you shouldn't NEED to run on Dunkin. Life should be reasonable.

Just saying. I can't sleep.

I'm POed about it!!!

P.S. I will update more on our new car, engagement party, and stray kitten saving, either today or tomorrow depending on whether I can make my body turn off.

This is ludicrousness.

I'm still not asleep.

More wine......

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