Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My First Mini Vlog

I'm trying out my fiancée's new Ipad 2 and I definitely need more practice. Don't judge!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Engagement Party Mock-up

I've started planning our engagement party for ourselves and families. It's kind of like practice for planning the wedding. I've emailed 3 vendors so far but I'm still waiting to hear back from 2. I'm still waiting for pricing from the first vendor but at least I got past her sales pitch for what I don't want. Perhaps, I will have to call and actually speak to someone..oh no! I'll give it a few days though.

Here's a little summary on what I would like our engagement party to be like.

Time of year: October 2011 on a Sunday preferably (football season is priority!)

Guests: Approximately 23-25 (close family and friends)


Cupcake Tower
Photo from here

I have a long list of vendors for these. Does anyone have any reviews of these places or can recommend some other place in Orlando? We are foodies so we need awesome cupcakes!

CupCake Crazy
Delish NY Bakery
Cupcake Jubilee
Bees Knees Sweet Treats

Champagne/Signature Drink

Photo Credit
As for a signature drink, I'm completely stumped. We both like beer. My fiancée and liquor don't mix well but I like martinis, long islands, margaritas....all kinds of girly, strong drinks. Maybe we'll serve beer in fancy glasses...but I still want girly!

Table Centerpiece/Flowers for Appetizer Table

I have fallen completely head over heels in love with deep red carnations and I plan to include them in both the wedding and engagement party. They are so gorgeous and take my breath away.

Delicious Appetizers

I believe this element will depend on the venue. Right? Help me out, people.
Note: Also, coffee from Starbucks because that is where we had our first date.

Sundress to go with my Engagement ring (which still needs to be reset)

I can't decide on a final dress but here is one that I like from www.modcloth.com

Photo Credit

Just borrowing an Ipod would be fine or speaker system at the venue with fun, romantic songs. I'll post more when I get to that part of the planning. Our song is "The Game of Love" by Michelle Branch  featuring Santana.

I'm leaving this up to my designer fiancée but I think we should save him some stress and just purchase these premade. I'm afraid to pick one out without his assistance. This is what happens when you are engaged to a designer.

So there are the bare-bones. I can't wait for this to take shape! I'm thrilled and excited to celebrate our relationship after 8 years of dating. Feel free to make suggestions or give me advice as I've never done this before.