Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That's One Damn Fine Kitty!

A couple of weeks ago B and I were coming home from a dinner out with my aunt and my parents. It was rainy and dark outside. Upon pulling into the driveway and getting out of the car we heard squeaky "..meow, meow, meow..." sounds. Of course we had to investigate. We have 2 cats already that we adopted when we lived in Jacksonville. We fell in love with Sara, our first "child", at a Petsmart and then picked her up from an agency in Amelia Island because we knew we had to have her. We found Jaguar trying to cross a busy highway. She was dirty and scared. I had to study for an anatomy test that night so B ended being the one to give her a flea bath, play with her, feed her, and set up a litter box.

Because she was so skittish and hissy we ended up setting up a small area with boxes and a cat carrier. She could go in the cat carrier when she needed time to hide but she could also explore her small space until she learned to trust us enough to expand her territory. This also gave us an opportunity to introduce her to Sara,  who being Miss Alpha Cat, was not real happy to meet her at first.

A couple of years ago, when we moved back to Orlando, I found out that I am allergic to cats. I take over-the-counter pills these days to control my allergies but I still sneeze quite a bit. It's not a picnic but my kitties are my feline children and we're not about to give them up. However, when they do go to meet that giant cat nip God in the sky we will consider getting a dog.
So back to the mysterious "...meow, meow, meow..." we heard upon pulling into the driveway. We looked all around until B located a small, kitten in the engine of our neighbor's large SUV. The kitten was a sweet, calico but was very hissy and defensive. B got a glove and we got her out of the engine but she ran away as fast as she could. We tried to catch her but she was an extremely elusive little thing. I told B it didn't seem like she wanted to be caught and that she was probably a wild kitty. We gave up around 12 that night.
The next day I was off work and we woke up early to a high-pitched  "...meow, meow, meow" coming from our backyard. The rest of the day was frustrating. She would meow and we would try to catch her and then she would disappear into some bushes or something.  Finally, later that afternoon, B went for a round in the backyard and came back with the sweet little kitty!
B is experienced in stray kittens by now so we started the flea bath, made her a small area with boxes, and made her a small litter box that night. It's been 2 weeks and she is fluffy ball of energy. She loves to play and she trusts us a lot more than she did initially. We started calling her "Bubbles"  (a cat-loving character from the show "Trailer Park Boys" and that is where I got the title of this post...most of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about but it makes me chuckle and that's all that matters).

We're keeping her in the garage away from the big kitties for now.
Who wants to adopt a kitten?

P.S. This is what happens to spoiled stray kittens:

She's well-fed and extremely domesticated. 

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