Monday, September 6, 2010

Epic Football Weekend

I haven't posted in awhile because my computer died and I sent it in under warranty for a replacement. Despite that, this weekend was just too awesome to not blog about and I have a few moments alone with B's computer. Unfortunately, I didn't get many good pictures this weekend. Apparently, being hot, sweaty, and drinking beer at football games does not equal flattering pictures of me.

The Good

-Much missed, old college friend that moved to Maryland for a job after freshman year decides on a whim to take a plane to Florida and join us for the first Florida football game this season. Bobby got to our place Thursday night and stayed until Sunday morning! Such a blast.

-Thursday night after work is spent catching up, drinking beer, watching football, and ordering Bento sushi via delivery so that we didn't have to go anywhere.

Me playing with a gator slap bracelet
-Got about 4 hours of sleep that night and got up and worked all day Friday. It went by fast though because I knew what kind of weekend was ahead of me.

-Drove to B's mom's house Friday night because it's closer to Gainesville than our place. Picked up pizza and various tailgating supplies. More drinking ensued and also a midnight game of throwing a football around.

-Saturday morning comes early...4 hours of sleep later (I value my sleep so I must have been really enjoying myself). I'm the first one to wake up around 6am to wake the boys up and get moving. We finally left around 8:30-9amish. I wanted to leave at 7am! It was a 12 o'clock game and we needed to tailgate (priorities..).

Jen keeping up on other games. Isn't that a cute outfit?!

-Get to Gainesville and pick up another long time friend (Jen) and her dad to tailgate with us. Helped her dad to get a parking spot by our tailgate. I set up the tailgate and finally walked to the law school to use the restroom. Coming out of the restroom I run into friends of B's parents whom we normally tailgate with but could not find that morning, and caught up with them for 30 minutes or so.

-Back to tailgate. Ate delicious wings, veggies and bleu cheese dip, chips and ranch dip....yeah not watching my diet on football weekends. Bobby decides we need to play flip cup. This is like my second time playing (lame I know) so I'm not very first. Then I start to enjoy it and get really competitive. Jen's dad is a sport and plays with us too...he is not so bad by the end either!

-Saturday night before I crashed, Jen comes over and about 4 other good friends that live in Orlando stop over. They all get along really well with Bobby and we watch more football, talk, ordered some delivery (again), and enjoyed all the other college games and each others' company.

The Bad
-I was so involved in cleaning up after the tailgate that I forgot to put on sunscreen. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Dangerous with a capital D. I'm now a lobster and on Saturday night I think I had a panic attack in my sleep because of the burn. The whole night I felt like I was half-asleep, half-awake and I could hear myself moaning in pain in my sleep. It was really scary and it felt like my arms were broken. The burn didn't blister but it is horrible.

The Ugly

Myself, Bobby, and B thinking, "This can't be good."
-Game is absolutely chaotic and silly. After 8 fumbles, only 26 offensive yards in the first three quarters, we somehow end up winning 36 to 12 to the Miami of Ohio Redhawks. It was ugly, people. Our young team has a lot to learn. We better shore things up before we start playing SEC teams or we are going to get raped...

Labor Day Fun-

Today B and I slept in and then decided to do some painting around the house. We picked up paint for my office and our bedroom. Since we moved into our rental home that was built in the 80's and in obvious need of some pampering, I started working at home and ended up working in our extra bedroom where we stored all the stuff that we previously kept in our walk-in closets at our spacious apartment in Jacksonville. So basically, I've been working in a bright orange room filled with our extra stuff. I'm about to show you some before pictures. Please don't judge! Hey, if you read my blog you saw what our bathroom looked like before we remodeled so stay positive! OK... these are bad.

There's my to stuff and an orange, orange wall

So I picked some two new colors. An accent color and a base color and my overall theme is going to be a coffee house style, soothing office. Nothing is set up yet but here is the paint color so far...

A creamy beige and dark chocolate brown

I LOVE IT! This is going to look so good with some red curtains and some organizational shelves/ products from Ikea. I also plan to hang B's guitars on the walls. It will be so much more soothing than the orange. It already is. I cannot wait to work on it some more. 

So here I sit with paint all over me, bright red skin, and my house completely tore apart due to the painting, and yet I'm extremely satisfied with the long weekend. *Happy Sigh* football season is back!