Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Weekend 2011

This weekend was spent at a rehearsal dinner on Friday, 2 weddings on Saturday, and celebrating Father's day on Sunday. It was an amazing weekend but exhausting! Of course to add to that, I get to spend all afternoon/evening/night studying for a midterm after work today.

I pretty much grew up with the first bride that got married this weekend. My mom met her mom while they were walking us in strollers. Since then, we've had our ups and downs. I guess you can say we are more like sisters than friends. I gravitate towards a different crowd from her but we have our past in common and I have a great relationship with her family. About 2 weeks ago before the wedding I went to Las Vegas for the first time for her bachelorette party.
The bride and her little sister. I've known these girls since we were in diaper

At the pool at the Mandalay Bay.

All the girls. Too bad my head was torched by an angel.

This picture was from Friday night at the rehearsal dinner. We went to a restaurant in Celebration , FL.  Any time there is a wedding event it seems to rain cats and dogs. My mom called me before to see if I was still going and of course my answer was yes. She gets really worried when I drive on I-4. I'm used to it but she still worries because she wuvs me. Stop and go traffic the whole way there but I made it! B didn't go because he was still in Gainesville for a work dinner. He had the umbrella in his I used a towel...classy stuff.  I don't know how I used to get ready without him. Do you know how hard it is to close a snap on the back of a dress alone? The food was good and the company was great. I'm glad I didn't let the storm or my dress stop me!

The next day I got up and did about a 4 mile trail walk. I'm doing this couch to 5k program here: . Taking it one day at a time but so far, so good. Let's not jinx it! After the trail run I started to get ready. I took a shower but I was so hot and my hair was not cooperating! I ended up in tears and begged B to go get me bobby pins and hair spray. 

The before

The after

And this is why we need to buy a house...a bigger house:

So sick of getting ready in our one tiny bathroom. So then we were running late...because that  is what seems to happen at every wedding for us. B and I took notes since we are about to start planning for our own wedding. We will purposefully start late!

Pedal to the metal, hon!

And here comes the bride:


We stayed for appetizers and wine and then it was time to go to the next wedding. Luckily it was only fifteen minutes away but we had to hustle to get there in time. Like B's hat? It's his dad old hat from the 60s. It's growing on me...

The next wedding was for Brandon's friend from high school who has since become my good friend as well. She and her husband just graduated from medical school. Two MDs, yikes! I met her husband at the yearly Christmas party that we go to at the bride's parent's house and he is such a sweet guy. The wedding was Jewish but the groom is Vietnamese so there were also hints of Asian in the decor and the food. It was so beautiful!


The ladies I did the sprinkler and the lawn mower with on the dance foor. Love these girls.

So sweet!
Stunning bride!!!
At each table setting there were medical duckies as party favors because that was what the groom used as a good luck charm for poker games.

We've so proud of them and hope to stay friends with this couple for life!

It was 12:07 when we left and we were exhausted!!! Such a great experience and we took notes for our own wedding the whole time. After my midterm, I will pick a wedding planner. I will!

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