Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Down with the sickness

If you follow me on twitter, you know that this whole week I've been as sick as a dog. B started feeling sick on our way home from Fort Myers on Monday and I went to bed with my nose completely stuffed and woke up sick. Yesterday, my whole body would burn up and then I would get cold and start shaking. Although I feel slightly better today, I'm still stuffed up, sore, and not yet eating normally. My diet has consisted of bread, popsicles, coke, water, and soup. This sickness is going around so please, I beg of you, take your vitamins and wash your hands.

My interviews have been going OK. In Orlando, I felt I was too nervous and held back a little too much. They told me I would hear something in 2-4 weeks. I'm still waiting and it's still my top choice school. In Fort Myers, I felt I was a too relaxed and bombastic. If I got in, I would have gotten a call that day. No call, so that means I'm either an alternate or rejected. B and I were not sure how we felt about living in Fort Myers. The trip there was full of orange grooves and small, old-fashioned Florida towns. Once we got into Fort Myers, we went downtown to find a place to eat. A place that the hotel recommended was closed. The only other place that was open was extremely expensive so we ended up at Joe's Crab Shack with what seemed like the rest of the population of Fort Myers. I think we may have gone to the wrong part of town.

Tomorrow, sick or not, we are driving to Jacksonville for my last interview. We lived there for 2 years while I attended post-bac so we're very familiar with the city. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a balance between between holding back and opening up. It will be somewhat of a relief to be done with interviews, but I know I won't be completely relieved into I'm accepted into a program.

It's been a week that I'll always remember. Now off to scavenge for soup or other comfort food. Mac and cheese is starting to sound good. Maybe I'm getting better!

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Residential Mommy said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. I would love to get to know you! I hope you are feeling better. It sounds like you are really in an important place in your life and just have to keep positive in those interviews. I hate never knowing how much to open up. Luckily I am now in a field that I can somewhat be in control. I look forward to reading more about you, I am a follower now :)
Talk to you soon! Tara