Monday, February 28, 2011

Reading Update

I've been working a lot more and a lot happier. I still have cynical moments about having to figure out the whole graduate school thing again but I'm slowly rebuilding. Besides working, here are the fun things I've been up to.

My sister's 25th birthday this morning. I had 2 pieces of this delish cake! We went out to lunch at The White Wolf Cafe in Winter Park. They have some of the best breakfast, salads, sandwiches and atmosphere around since they are in the antique district here in Orlando.
Ebony and Ivory cake from Publix
I've been reading a lot more! It's light reading but glad to be reading again.

I'm reading The Red Tent. I heard about this book through The Confessions of a Young Married Couple's Blog. Her readers were raving about it so I decided to order it from the library (they deliver it to my door and I'm lazy/busy). So far, it's made me very proud to be a woman. The friendships that women cultivate are some of the deepest, most fulfilling, friendships ever.

Also, from the library...could not figure out how to rotate the pic. Today, I took my first step at planning our engagement party and emailed the venue! So exciting.

I got this Barnie's Coffee Lover's Cookbook from a garage sale for 50 cents. I can't wait to bake something in it!

Also, my house is spotless! First time in a long time.

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