Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Suit up, lady!

This weekend I found my suit. Actually, two suits...they were on sale. While I like the suits, B took some pics of me and I think I look obese...seriously. It's interview week though, so obese or not, I have to make the best impression that I can and think positively.

Let me just preface this with I'm doing Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred and watching my intake but I still have 40+ pounds to lose. THINK POSITIVE...oui.

Suit 1. Hair down.

Suit 1. Hair up.

I will definitely be keeping my suit jacket on no matter how much I sweat...

Suit 2. Hair down.

Suit 2. Hair up.

And keeping suit jacket on because I look like I'm 6 months pregnant.

Now time to go work on what I'm going to say at the interview. Something I have more immediate control over. I think I look much better with my hair up and with as many layers on as possible. Would you let me into your graduate school? Which outfits do you like?


The Realist said...

Hair up and first suit--the blue looks awesome on you and makes your face stand up.

You look great--don't ever get down on yourself :)

Jessi Boop said...

i like the skirt suit the best, and I'd go with hair up only b/c if you were me, you would be tempted to fiddle with it when it was down and wonder if any hairs had gone out of place while on the walk in from your car where you checked yourself out in the visor mirror. You're gonna knock 'em dead with that unassuming smile and all that fantabulous knowledge you've got!

jashann said...

Suit 2 hair up or down, the shirt from suit one looks terrible

Anonymous said...

I think you look really pretty in the gray and lavender. :)

If you're worried about the first shirt, add a belt. The reason why you dislike it is because you can't see your waist.

Remember that you are awesome no matter what, and you will be fine.

Looking forward to reading the post about how your interview went!