Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interview Outfits

This weekend I'm going shopping for a graduate school interview suit. I'm definitely a t-shirt and jeans type of girl so could any fashionistas out there give me some tips? Here is what I've been looking at so far.

Ann Taylor. 

I worry that this might be too brown...I have brown hair and it might end up looking just bland. Thoughts?

Banana Republic.

This might look good with a bright colored dress shirt underneath and some jewelry. 

Because I live in Florida and because the interview is going to be inside I definitely need a very nice dress shirt. This has been so hard for me to find. I'm tall and curvy so I definitely don't want anything from the juniors section. 


Eh...I would prefer 3/4 length sleeve or something a little younger looking. For some reason, I just can't find anything!

Nine West

I love, love, love shoes from Nine West. Shoes are so much easier than clothes for me.

I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. Suggestions?

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ooh la boutique said...

i like the first option best(ann taylor); the whole ensemble is simple and pretty (and brown beats boring black imho). good luck with the interview!