Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Year in Review

This entry is a summary of 2010. It's mostly for me to see what I've left behind so that I can move forward. I apologize if the format is kind of boring but it's fun for me to see what I've been up to all year before starting a new year, because time goes by so fast for me.

January 2010-
Started taking Genetics while working full-time. The lab was at UCF and the lecture at VCC. I worked a couple 10 hour days a week (in addition to normal work days) so that I could make time for class and still work 40 hours a week. I worked in the office at that time and used to rush in traffic to get to work after class. B's dad was suffering from seizures from his type 4 brain tumor  so I was spending several late nights in the ER. It was a rough month to say the least.

February 2010-
We got a large tax return and this made me very happy! I pulled a practically all-nighter on Valentine's night working on lab work (for some reason this is becoming a tradition for me every Valentine's night). I had a work-at-home home inspection and waited to start working from home.

B's dad passed away on February 26th. Most of his family was in the room with him showering him with love when he passed (me included). Thank God for that. This date also happens to be my sister's birthday.. isn't that just odd? I only got 2 days off work-1 bereavement day and 1 day I just took off. I didn't get any more bereavement time because B and I were just boyfriend and girlfriend...and I thought that was cruel and unusual.

March 2010-I attended and sang at B's dad's "Life Celebration" (if wasn't a traditional funeral). B gave a sweet speech about his dad. After 11 months of fighting for his health including brain surgery, chemo, radiation, side effects of steroids, losing weight, seizures, losing his hearing and his voice, losing his hair etc. it was good to know that he was no longer suffering. Although this tumor was completely unexpected, I thank God that he didn't suffer for too long. I remember that when we went back home from B's parents' house we had no clean laundry, the house was a mess, there was no food, our batteries in our remote went out...yeah, if this happens to one of my friends I will definitely be there to help them out in the days after.

We had a fun St. Patty's day at O'reilly's with friends and plenty of drinks. I'd be lying if I didn't say drinking wasn't somewhat of a numbing/coping mechanism for us.

April 2010-I started my blog (see First Post)! We remodeled the bathroom (see DIY). I was getting tired of the 10 hour shifts at work at this point. Worked on a group project at school when I could to turn it in by the end of the semester. Do not take a class with a group project when you are working 40 hours a week! Your schedule will most likely not coordinate with the other group members. One Friday after working 9ish hours I drove to UCF and worked with my group for like 6 hours. Then I couldn't find my car and had a policeman drive me around to find it...the things I get myself into! At least my job reimbursed me for this class.

May 2010-I took my final exam and then went back to my old schedule at work (8 hour days, Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri, Sat). On my mom's birthday I took her out to breakfast at a nice place called Keke's where Bakely's used to be. Cute place, delicious, but a bit overpriced for breakfast. We planted a garden this month (which is dead right now...sad face).

I also went canoeing with B at Juniper Springs. OMG...we were not prepared for how narrow and primitive this 7 mile route was. We and our electronics fell out of the canoe like 6 times. We almost killed each other and then realized there was no way out and we'd have to work together to survive. B lost his wallet and a cop ended up coming to our door the next day and giving us the number to a police station that had it. Thank God! Our old camera died and B lost his $100 pair of Oakley's! We learned so much about canoeing in the wild during this trip. Rule #1: Don't bring anything you don't need and anything you do bring, secure in waterproof area. I'm ready for round #2 now....hahaha.

On B's birthday I got him a Coldstone cake and a new, nicer camera!

Also, Lost ended and I cried. I was 19 when I started watching that show.

June 2010-This month was taking advantage of my benefits month. I was so ready to quit at this point but I forged on. I went to an allergist and found out I was allergic to my cats. I started taking shots to expose my body to the allergen incrementally and thus cure my allergy..since we aren't getting rid of my babies. I also went to the dentist. I love going to the dentist! 26 years old and still no cavities

The best part of this month was our week-long vacation to Blue Ridge, Georgia to stay in a cabin. We went white water rafting (amongst other things) but it went a lot better than canoeing! Mostly it was great to relax and have a few brews in such a beautiful atmosphere. I want to go on a vacation like this every year as opposed to just weekend road trips. (See Vacation)

July 2010-I got a .25 cents an hour raise. Um, yay? I started a work-out routine in which I worked out 6 days a week. I trained to start with a new client at work. We also went to Dragonfly on one of the opening nights. My favorite sushi place ever. It was fantastic. (See Foodie Love).

August 2010- My car battery died and I got it replaced for free. Woo-hoo! I know that sounds boring but's the little things, people. I continued to work-out hard but quit after B starting having hip problems...sorry B, but not quiting when you have to quit if it happens again next time. Applied to a ton of other jobs but didn't get a response. On August 21, I worked my last Saturday and finally started working a new, better schedule Monday-Friday, 9-5:30, at home. Sounds good...but the nature of the work was not. At all.

September 2010-We took our friend Alex to a Florida football game and I got burnt to a crisp. Then, our friend Bobby from Maryland randomly came to visit us for a  long weekend (see Epic Football Weekend) and it was an absolute blast.  Also, we painted and organized my office this month.
This was also the month of breaking things. My car broke and we had it fixed for a hefty fee and our laptop broke so we sent it in for a (free) replacement.... warrantys are my favorite.
Lastly, B went to the Florida Tennessee game with his cousin Bill. I didn't get to go and after he left my car broke down, but he had an awesome time! He owes me on this one though. ; )

October 2010-Finally, I had enough of this job and I quit. There are a lot of reasons for this that I can't share but one big one was that I needed more time to focus on applying to graduate school.
One fun weekend we went to a wedding at a country club and then I celebrated my dad's birthday at an awesome seafood restaurant.
B broke his pinky toe by running into the bathroom door frame and I had to take him to the ER. Gosh, I spent at least 3-5 nights in the ER this year. This year I spent more nights in the ER than I have in my entire  life.
I took the GRE for the first time. We'll just call it my practice run...

November 2010-When it got colder out, B and I went camping in our backyard in our new tent. We also made an breakfast for dinner that night. This was a lovely memory.
On the 18, my CASPA (graduate school) applications were mailed!

December 2010-On our anniversary (December 3) we spent the entire day eating around the world at Epcot..and we got engaged (see Engagement)!!!
Urban Meyer quit...sad, but understandable.
I watched the Dexter finale and it was epic as always.
I took the GRE again and improved my score by 100 points. I also got invited to an interview that same day.
I saw my first eclipse.
I went ice skating and fell on my ass getting off the rink and I'm icing my ass right this moment. It's not that bad....I think.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this year a 7. B's dad passing was obviously the most unimaginably awful thing that happened this year. As I mentioned, I spent more nights in the ER than I have in my entire night. As well as a bad canoeing trip, a crappy job, and broken things like cars, laptops, and pinky toes...*cough*...and my ass currently.  However, I got engaged, got invited to a graduate school interview, went on a lovely vacation in the mountains with my love and family, saw my old friend Bobby, went to the new Dragonfly in Orlando, and had fun during football season. Life is a crazy, wild, unbelievable thing.

So, how was your year? 2011 should be just as interesting and hopefully even better than 2010.

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