Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Busy Christmas: Baking and Decor

Aaaaaa! I've been super busy with Christmas-related things. I haven't updated in so long that I have some good news. I retook the GRE and scored 100 points higher on the quantitative and verbal! It took me four out of five minutes to decide whether I wanted to cancel my score. Thank God, I didn't. I hoping I don't have to see that test ever again. Also, I have one interview scheduled so far! I'm very excited but of course, want to be prepared and for it to go well. After Christmas, preparation for the interview is one of the big things on my plate. I'll get to all the things coming in January later though. For now, look how busy I've been baking and decorating:

Snickerdoodles. One of my favorite holiday cookies. My dad loves these cookies even more than I do. Here's the recipe: Snickerdoodle Recipe  Also, I got to use my kitchen-aid mixer. Squee!

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. I've never made these before, but they turned out great. Definitely, adding this one to my recipe book: Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

I also made white chocolate and milk chocolate peppermint bark and sugar cookies.  Good thing these aren't all for me... Julian Michaels is going to kick my tuckus, come January.

Here is the table setting. It's the same as Thanksgiving but with different candles, different swag, and a red linen (can't think of what you call that brain is holiday mush).

Love that the leaves are covered in fake, shimmery snow. I've never had a white Christmas before here in Florida. The only snow I've ever even seen was when I was in Ohio to visit family and it was melting and wet.

The tree with presents. B decorated the tree and did most of the wrapping this year. He's amazing at decorating...I'm not as good but I'm willing to learn and I'm a great motivator...and I bake ; ) Being an artist, he has such a good eye for it. He also likes to put the lights on the tree from the top-down. I find that a little unorthodox but works out well as you can see. Which way do you put the lights on? Do you do from the top-down or from the bottom to the top?

There's no fireplace in our Florida rental so here's where the stockings go. These stocking holders worked out amazingly. B has a snowman with a green scarf but his stocking is red and I have a snow woman with a red scarf but my stocking is green. Didn't even know it would end up like that when we bought the stocking holders!

We always get great Christmas towels from Target every year that we lay out on the counter or hang. Here are some examples. I'd show you more but as you can see my kitchen is still in sugar cookie-making and decorating mode. Sorry for the mess but I have no shame. Also, I'm tired!

On my coffee table I have a glass filled with ornaments and a vase filled with cranberries and cinnamon sticks. I reused the vase from Thanksgiving but I feel it fits both holidays perfectly.

C says now that most of my holiday chores are done, I'll be back soon. Actually, I think B is working on a craft project right now that I'll post about later. Also, I have a fun DIY present to share as well as a surprise for B. That one will have to wait until after Christmas. Happy holidays, bloggers! Enjoy the time with your friends and family and God bless.

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Divamom said...

I love how you hung the stockings on the tv cart! Too cute! Hope your Christmas was fabulous!

Be Blessed!