Friday, December 10, 2010

After Eight Years of Dating My True Love Gave To Me

Too make you gag at our cutesyness just a little bit more here are some pictures from eight years of dating:

One of our first pictures in his old room (2003).
2004 at Sanibel 

2005 Xmas at B's parents 

2006. Dancin at the club. We were hip!

Went to every gator game with him since Fall 2003. This is in 2006.

It's my birthday (22 years old) and we're going to Dragonfly for sushi. 2006. A good year for pictures.

2007 B's graduation

2008 at a gator game

Could not find a single picture of us from 2009. That's when B's dad was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Beginning of 2010 when B grew his hair out super long

12/03/2010-He proposed!

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