Sunday, January 15, 2012

My first week of nursing school

The Friday before nursing school started, I got off work at 8pm and brought a load of stuff we didn't need to our new townhouse for the first time. We decided to move to be closer to my school but B decided to stay at our old place for the week since our furniture was there, the internet/cable was not yet on at the new place (and he needs it for work), and we will have to keep the old place until the end of the month (we were 6 days late in letting our landlord know we were moving and we didn't want to be rushed). I decided to stay at our old place on Sunday night and take the long way to school and brave I-4 traffice since our power wouldn't be turned on until Monday. Early Monday morning, I finished some homework that I realized was due that day after looking at our school facebook group and packed some things in my car for the trip to the new place. After school, I drove to the new place around 6pm and walked into the townhouse.

I tried to turn on the lights in the front of the house but they wouldn't turn on! I was starving and didn't have any groceries and stressed out from school so I started to flip out and cry. I called B and sobbed to him like a maniac. He doesn't really know how to deal with me when I'm stressed out like that. He was trying to get me to turn on the breaker but I was stumbling around in the dark, sobbing from stress. I was HUNGRY and had a pile of stuff to unload in my car and had been through a whole day of nursing school and had a stack of homework waiting for me. So, it turns out that the lightbulbs in the front of the house were out but the rest of the house worked. So, the power was turned on. After I composed myself, I went to Walmart (while STARVING) and gathered a ton of unhealthy food that I could pop in the microwave or the stove.  I realized when I got out of walmart that my car was filled with stuff that B and I had packed in my car to bring to the new place and that I didn't have any room for I akwardly stacked groceries on top of all my stuff. Then, when I got home the small metal latch on my truck somehow got displaced and I couldn't close my mother-lovin trunk! On top of all that, I didn't have any cooking utentsils with me other than plasticware, because, obviously, I didn't plan this move very well.

I got home only to discover that I did have power, however, the water was not yet turned on and yeah, the chef boyardee or cookie dough I bought.... I did not have not a baking pan or a pot to cook on the stove. So, basically, I was not prepared and felt like I was camping out on a futon next to a port-a-potty. B and I figured out that the trunk could be fixed by manually inserting the key to fix the latch placement....this was only after I decided I was calmed down enough to talk to him again. Then, I asked my parents to stop over and to bring a pitcher of water...and they did. Then, my dad got all "holmes-on-homes" about the stairs being slightly raised and the random hole in the wall where the past renters removed a security system and so on.  So, I was up late just generally upset and trying to figure out how to live and go to nursing school. 

The next day was a short day at school so after school I stopped at our old place and loaded my car with more necissities that I realized that I needed. Apparently, I am high-maintanence and I didn't know it until I didn't have what I needed to pots, pans, shoes that weren't sandals, the list goes on and on and on. I stopped at the Target by my house and got a toilet bowl cleaner and trashcan for my bathroom because the 1/2 bath on the bottom floor was uhh...turned into an outhouse to explain it politely. I got home and the water was turned on so I flushed the fully loaded toilet in the 1/2 bath. It didn't go down so I flushed it again. The next hour involved me cleaning up sewage with a beach towel and then realizing that dryer was missing it's nomb and that I didn't have a pliers. I ended up washing the towel and draping it over a bunch of chairs on the porch to dry. At this point, I'm not really upset...just sort of laughing at the whole ridiculous situation.

The next day at school was extremely long because I was in labs all day.  I met this awesome lab teacher who was smart, fiesty, and scared the crap out of all the other students because she had such high standards for care and asked us questions that made us think hard. I thought she was awesome because I knew that she would make me a super nurse under her direction and I hope she becomes my mentor eventually. I believe she will be teaching my clinicals. There was something about her...she just was so SMART and HONEST and STRONG and I just want to give her a great, big hug despite the fact that she doesn't seem like a very touchy person.  I came home around 8 at night and did homework until 1 in the morning and then woke up around 6am in order to get to yet another day of labs. On Thursday, I was falling asleep in my last class and then had to drive home at 6 in the evening. It took me over an hour to get home. Thankfully, B came over that night and made me feel a lot better and less alone. I fell asleep early and had a 12 hour day of work the next day. My patient had some GI problems the night before and was extremely, extremely confused (she has Alzheimer's) but we actually had a very relaxed day despite all that.

On Saturday, B and I had a moving truck and packed up all of our major furniture with B's mom, my parents, and our next-store neighbor. It. was. exhausting. and it took the whole day. Today, I had my sister and her friends over to help us unpack. It's much better than it was but it is really, really abhorant that I haven't even touched my homework yet this weekend. Do NOT move while starting school. This week was pretty much insane. The whole week I was thinking, "There ain't no rest for the wicked", because I will not have a break for a long, long, time.

Tomorrow I will be doing homework all day and I hope my mother-in-law will come over and help us with more unpacking. This may take a few weeks or more until I feel like a normal person. Or never. Welcome to nursing school!

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