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2011 Year-End Review

Now that I'm off work with a pile of homework waiting on me, I suddenly feel inspired to blog. The "Year-End Review" is actually one of my favorite types of blog posts. I get so busy that I can't even remember what I did 3 days ago and when it comes to the past year...forget about it. I actually have to use photos, my blog, and twitter to remember what the hay happened.

January 2011-
I was still unemployed in January. I had quit my horrible call center job to focus on the GRE and applying to graduate school in October. This month I improved my GRE score by 100 points and I went to 3 Physician Assistant school interviews in Orlando, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville. The week that B and I traveled to Fort Meyers and Jacksonville we both came down with a horrible flu. I had to get a flu shot this year for nursing school so maybe I can avoid the shakes, sweats, and being unable to eat. I learned that I should have pepto, coke, decongestants,  and popsicles in my house at all times just in case.  I ended up at alternate at 2 schools and rejected at one. The competition was extremely fierce and I decided to go the nurse practitioner route instead but I'm glad I got to have this experience. Also, those pearls are really cute. I need to get them out and start wearing them more.

B and I started doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred but stopped when we got massively sick and I started picking up random shifts through my current job as a Nursing Assistant through an agency.

Please admit me!

February 2011-
Our landlord replaced our old appliances with slightly newer ones. I got a kick out of this because every new appliance in our house beeped. This is very good since my fiance can be very ADD and has been known for burning things he's heating up.

I went to Melbourne because my aunt was there visiting some other relatives. I had a great time joining them for  "therapy". That's what they call getting some drinks out at a local restaurant where one of my relative's teengaged son works. I love my aunts and I hope they can attend our wedding this year!

For Valentines day we had sushi at Amura's, frozen yogurt at mochi, and drinks at home. It was the first time in 3 years that I didn't have to pull a nearly all-righter on Valentine's Day due to school. As weird as that sounds,  it was becoming a tradition.

I started working more hours and I went to my friend's engagement party. We celebrated my sister's birthday and twitter says I was, "a total bitchin' rockstar from Mars". I was quoting Charlie Sheen.

Leaving at home has some perks. My sister's birthday cake. 

March 2011
I procured private health insurance, an IRA, and started planning our engagement party. We also started to look at houses to buy. For my job, I became CPR/AED/First Aid certified for 2 years through the Red Cross-little did I know that it's not accepted in nursing school and I had to retake it later.

I honored my old girl scout troop leader by attending her funeral. I dropped and broke an entire gallon of milk and cried over it. B got his Ipad and I stood in line with him for a long time. We went out to a pub for St. Pattie's Day.

April 2011
We worked on our wedding registry but I think we need to go through it again and narrow it down before invitations get sent out.

I did the South Beach Diet with the patient's wife that I worked for at the time. It worked when I did it. I hauled both our cats to the vet while B was at work. I also went to the dentist and doctor for a health issue.
I got a free sunless tan but it left a giant white spot on my inner elbows.

I went to a concert with some friends and was cranky and falling asleep by like 12. Didn't really plan that one out too well.
I took this picture of my cute friend before the concert. She thinks that she looks 12 here.

May 2011
Worked a ton of hours this month. I also started taking a nutrition class online which was my last prereq for nursing school. We celebrated B's birthday with friends and went to a few shows at the Fringe Festival the next day (his choice: Dr. Who's Line Is It Anyways?). I also got to see my amazing friend Sara, who was in town from New Mexico.

At the end of the month, I went to Vegas for a bachelorette party. It was fun but frankly I'd rather go back there and do the tourist thing rather than the partying thing.

June 2011
We ended our overly expensive gym membership and got a cheap one (should have done this all along).

B and I went to two weddings in one weekend. It was fun and a bit crazy. B and I got lots of ideas of what not to do and what to do at our wedding.

We made an offer on a beautiful house this month. The offer wasn't accepted and we decided to wait  to buy a house. This worked for us because I start nursing school this year and we got a new car (read: expensive).

I screwed up my sleep schedule keeping up with work and my online class. I procrastinated a ton but got an "A" in the class.

July 2011

We celebrated the 4th of July with my family and made something delicious food including a blueberry crisp-yum.  The Casey Anthony trial ended and finally stopped wasting my time watching it. My mom retired from her job after 25 years and I was so happy for her!

We interviewed and picked a wedding planner whom we love to death:
Michelle Butler Events

I had to take my patient to the hospital and was off a few days while I completed my last assignments for my class.

August 2011
We shopped around for a new car at Carmax and we bought one. Then, we realized we could get it cheaper through the "car guy" at my parents' credit union. So we returned the car. We cleaned out our entire garage and after about a week we were able to get a brand new 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe for very reasonable. I said good-bye to my very first car.

Good-bye, Buiy!

Hello, sexy Santa Fe.

Photo credit: Hyundai Santa Fe

I still wonder where Buiy is sometimes. Poor girl was falling apart.

Started working full-time with a new patient. I studied really hard for the TEAs prenursing test this month.
We started looking at wedding venues and B designed, printed, and mailed out our awesome party invitations.

September 2011:
I ordered a pretty dress for our engagement party. Our party was at the end of the month and it was probably the best thing that happened this year. The company and food were wonderful and it went so smoothly.

At the end of the month we rescued an adorable stray kitten and B traveled for work a ton.

October 2011
I threw my old, dumb phone away. B and I got iphones! I love it and instagram likes it my job.

I tried on a few wedding dresses with my sister and found a few I might be interested in. Maybe.

We took a mini-vacation to Sanibel with some family on B's side. Guess what? We took the backroads late at night after work and a deer ran into our beautiful new car. We learned the meaning and value of car
insurance this month. FYI-don't take back roads at night in rural Florida.

The tow truck driver drove us back home at until about 3am that morning and told us the craziest stories. The next day we took our other car to Sanibel and had a great time! While the car was in the shop B rented a Chrysler 300 and that was actually a lot of fun to drive.

The cottage that we always stay in.
So peaceful for walks on the beach.

Halloween involved handing out candy at my parent's house and my sister and I dressing up in combinations of ridiculous old costumes.
I keep myself entertained.

Oh yeah, and I turned 27. I got some wonderful gifts from my family and generally was in disbelief of yet another birthday. I'm now in my "late" twenties. Groan.

Almost there...

November 2011
I got into nursing school! I went to an orientation and 2 RN boot camps in addition to working full-time. It was very hectic. 

We went to a gator game...we go to tons of gator games so I'm not sure why this one stuck out in particular. Maybe because I got an iphone and could document it. BTW, not such a good gator football season this year! Ready to move on...

My game face. Defensive because I knew we were going down.

I went to the doctor to get hospital compliant for nursing school and got every shot you can think of. I became certifed in BLS by the American Heart Association this month per nursing school requirements.
December 2011
I ordered my nursing school uniforms, books, and we finally ordered our rings. I love my engagement ring and it only took me over a year to get it! The stone is from a heirloom ring and the band is actually from an estate sale. 

I went to 2 more RN bootcamps and a final nursing orientation. We started looking at places to rent because my nursing school is a long drive from where we live currently. 

My mom and fiance discovered a lovely townhouse while I was at work one day and convinced me to put down a deposit. I can't wait to see it because I've never seen it before (though I trust my mom and fiance completely with this matter).

Christmas was OK this year but I worked practically through all of it. So I would go to work all day and then to a Christmas party and then to work again the next day for 4-5 days straight. After I got a day off I think I slept for a million hours. I had a great time with the family as always though. I'm so blessed to have them.

These are amazing and easy. Making them again next year!
Mexican hot chocolate cookies-yum!
All the fam at my M-I-L's.

On our annual "lights" around Orlando tour.
Merry Christmas!
In summary, the pros of 2011:
-new car
-my mom retired
-had an awesome engagemeny party
-engagement and wedding rings 
-picked a venue
-got a wedding planner
-went to Sanibel for a quick vacation
-spent time with family around Bdays and holidays
-got into nursing school
-found a new townhouse to rent

the cons:
- new car got bucked up (but fixed, yay insurance!)
-worked a ton
-spent too much money on nursing school books and everything else (though we knew the wedding and school would be expensive)
-the Gators had a horrible season
-couldn't find a home for the kitten and ended up taking it to the humane sad. 

It was actually a more productive year than I thought. The next week is homework and moving. Pray for me!! Seriously.

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