Friday, April 9, 2010

I finally got our DIY pictures together.

Here is the old (shudders):

When we first moved in, we primed the bathroom and put down painters tape.

And it sat.

Then we tried different color samples.

I strongly disliked the lighting....

Here I am about to redo...finally....6 months later!




So long.

Working hard. Cleaning baseboards.

New Bathroom!


My is a close up. I got them at World Market. Vanilla candle...because I love the smell.

These are picture from the "in-laws" trip to Sanibel. Sorry about the glare. That first pic is the ocean and seagulls because I thought it was interesting to look at while chillin on the has a lot of detail.
New towel rack from target. I thank B for putting this up and doing a beautiful job. As well as fixing the toilet and helping me with the painting.

This towel fit the bill but it's falling apart already! Don't buy this towel from Target. This gives me an excuse to buy the monogrammed towels I want instead. Ha.

B helped me with this too. Much more elegant than our old one. This was another World Market purchase.

New lighting. Oh yeah B did this...I don't know how to do electrical but he knows some basic stuff. I wish he would teach me how to do it. Anyway this looks MUCH better and it was from home depot for only $20-30.
New fabric shower curtain from Home Goods. Not too busy but the beach theme works..just how I like it.

If our landlord would work on our tub it would be perfect! I still love it though! MUCH BETTER.

Now time to go get ready in my awesome bathroom. It probably cost approximately $200 with the new paint, lighting, and accessories. It was completely worth it. I think my next project will be the bedroom.In other news I got all my lab work done before the weekend. This is definitely a major accomplishment for me. I'm can be a huge procrastinator. What are ya'll up to this weekend?


Mikael@starter home to dream home said...

WOW! I LOVE IT! I am SOOOO happy that I inspired you, but it looks like you got some talent of your own. It is DARLING! Don't you just LOVE a new fresh bathroom with everything in its place? Oh, and change is always good. LOVE IT!! I will have to post this on my blog :)

My Happy Place said...

I'm so glad that you like it! Feel free to post it if on your blog if you want. Looking back at your post for your kids' bathroom makes me want to add even more accessories. I guess it's contagious...thanks so much for the inspiration!You rock!